100 Acts of Kindness
Open Door
Snowy day

While sitting in traffic, a small truck was spinning on the ice and couldn’t make it up the slight incline thru the intersection. My truck was bigger and 4 wheel drive, I was able to gie him a push so he could make the hill and turn onto the side street.

troop project

troop 30158 helped at the NU school ECFE halloween event again this year. we helped young children have fun playing games and doing crafts.

christmas dinner

i invited friends over for the holiday since they had no family close by. it made the holiday brighter for us, as well as for them.

AoK- From a Total Stranger
Giving Someone a Ride

It was very a very cold and windy day and I noticed an elderly gentleman trying to walk somewhere. I stopped and offered him a ride because it was so cold. He actually had icicles on his face! 

A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer!

I brought a snowman candy dish (with a cardinal bird on it) and some old fashioned Christmas Candy on it to some neighbors who were dealing with their mother’s last days of life here on earth. Thier mother was in hospice care due to cancer and she loved cardinals. I knew nothing could take away their sorrow but, I thought some sweets in a nice candy dish might bring them a small little bit of Christmas cheer!

ava food donation

ava my 7 year old came home and said we need to look through our cabinets so we can donate food to the school’s giving tree; so we looked and found some items for her to place at the giving tree: when I asked if her backpack was too heavy she responded: “mom it’s okay I am stronger than I look, and they need this food.”

I have been helping my mother in law any way I can since the passing of my father in law…

Our troop hosted the Tree Trim at Oak Hills…where we hung ornaments, sang songs, made cards, & bagged candy.